Extreme Celebrity Tattoos

Extreme celebrity tattoos: when celebrities are upstaged by their own body art.

Once a mark of hell-raising artists who undoubtedly enjoyed the finger it raised to convention, e.g. Janis Joplin and Lenny Bruce, respectively, celebrity tattoos are now a seemingly mandated, integral measurement of the “it” factor, much like pocket-sized dogs and monthly trips to rehab.

More than an expression of attitude and style, entertainers today are brandishing tattoos as a vehicle to front their beliefs-similar to that of a human billboard. Actress and UN goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie has “Know your rights” tattooed below her neck, among her 13 other tattoos. Porn star Jenna Jameson has “This is what I was born to do” tattooed across her back. Sweet.

Although it is encouraging to see headlining entertainers harbor such strong beliefs in something other than Botox, a prominent tattoo can often take center stage to a celebrity’s identity, and some artists are running the risk of never again being identified without their body art. Here are five Hollywood celebrities that seem to be upstaged by their own skin art.

Amy Winehouse: According to her tattoo artist, “Amy takes her inspiration from Bettie Page, and uses her body as an extension of her music.” Albeit her body may be an extension of her music today, she will have difficulty if she ever wants to be recognized for a different style, as her body is covered in dozens of Sharpie-esq, pin-up girl tattoos.