Girl Phoenix Tattoo Design

A girl tattoo design and its meaning differs from that of men's. If you're a woman looking for a tattoo, one thing is for sure: you can't just pick a tattoo design based solely on your personal preference. The first thing you have to look into is the tattoo meaning. A tattoo may look cool, cute or exquisite but you wouldn't want to get stuck with a tattoo that isn't significant to you. In worse cases, some people get stuck with tattoos that have negative meanings. Here are some designs that you might want to consider:
- Floral designs signify delicate femininity. You should be careful though because different flowers may have different meanings. Roses for example can have a variety of significances ranging from love to infidelity depending on the flower color.
- Another popular female tattoo design are stars. They can however also carry a variety of meanings. Nautical stars typically give off the message of purpose and direction or the love for the sea. Other star designs are simply reflective of childish fantasies or hopes and wishes.
- Female tailbone would look great with some tribal tattoo designs. A horizontal swirl of tribal designs can accentuate the sexy curves of a woman's back. Be careful though. Some tribal designs are created by artists with no particular meaning. Others however are taken from real tribes like the Maori, Polynesian and Native American tribes. Your girl tattoo design may carry a particular tribal significance that you may not be aware of.
- Some designs have more obvious meanings. Angels and crosses for example could communicate religious faith.
- Foreign alphabets and characters are also another favorite design for girl's tattoos. You can have a Japanese or Chinese character that stands for love, friendship, power and many more. It is very important though that you get artists who can really read these characters. You can also opt for translators who can help you with making the design. It is not uncommon for foreign characters to have a few missing parts here and there and end up meaning something else.
- There are also animal designs to choose from. Sleek felines like a puma, cheetah or leopard would look great on women who want to exude strength and empowerment. Butterflies however are an absolute favorite due to their delicate features.
- Fantasy designs for women's tattoo have also been around for ages. They seem to have become even more popular these days because of famous fantasy shows and movies. Typical fantasy designs are fairies and unicorns. Other designs however may carry a more powerful meaning. The phoenix for example almost always means rebirth and rising from the ashes again.
- Of course, you can also make your own design. Some artists would be more than willing to come up with designs that stem from your own personal experience. A personal code between you and a significant other and the face of your baby are some examples. This is the safest tattoo design option because you are sure of what it means. On the other hand, a tattoo artist may charge extra for the design. Making the design may also take some time.
Your girl tattoo design should be your personal choice. It is important to remember though that you should know exactly why you would want a particular design. The significance of your tattoo matters a lot. It contributes to the impact of your tattoo.