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Why The Girls Love To Have Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Besides the fact that the flower is exquisitely beautiful, the image has in itself a symbol and a significance that draw girls towards it. For grasping the sense of this delicate flower, we must turn to the Eastern cultures, like Chinese and Japanese, in which the cherry blossom has a certain status.

So, if you are determined to get a tattoo representing a cherry blossom, it is worth taking a look at the symbolic significance of the pretty flower and the cultural connections that the image carries with it. Deciding for a tattoo must be a reason of joy for you and not just a fling of the moment. So for that, it is of the most importance to get a tattoo that has an interesting treasure within, a significance of something that is meaningful to you.

To elaborate a little on the matter, let’s see, for starters, which are the differences between what the cherry blossom means in the Chinese and the Japanese cultures.

What Does It Mean For Chinese?

The Chinese invest the cherry blossom with high feminine qualities. For them, it is often a symbol of love, but especially, the cherry blossom represents the power of a woman, that resides in her beauty and her sexuality.

What Does It Mean For Japanese?
Another meaning is carried by the cherry blossom in the Japanese culture. For them, the blossom of the cherry trees is a big event, because they blossom for a short period of time. The delicacy and short life of the cherry blossom give it the significance of being a symbol of the transience of life. This conception has strong roots in Buddhism that says that all things in life are just transitory. Going even further, a stronger significance of the cherry blossom is that but adhering to its secret symbolism, you do not get emotionally attached, as you know that all things in life are temporary.

Japanese also offer great significance to the fallen cherry blossom, which is associated with snow, another important symbol in their culture. There are many literal references in the Japanese culture that connect the fallen cherry blossom and the snow. It is also believed to be a symbol of an warrior’s early falling in battle.

Japanese and Chinese think differently about what the cherry blossom stands for. Now that you know what are the symbols that mark this delicate and beautiful flower, you can go ahead and think about how a cherry blossom tattoo connects with your own personality and spirituality. Of course, nothing is set in stone, and even if you do not find that the Japanese and Chinese cultural significance of the cherry blossom does not have an important meaning to you, you can still go ahead to get a tattoo representing the flower, if only for the beauty of it.

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