Sun Tattoos

Sun TattoosSince ancient times the Sun has always been a great symbol of power among many cultures and religions. The sun was worshiped by the Pharaoh's as the Sun God. It was also believed in ancient times, that the sun was made of polished gold. The Inca's worshiped the sun to bring good harvest to their crops.They also believed that all other gods or deities was created by the great sun god "Inti" who was to them, the giver of life.

Today the sun meanings and symbolization can differ a great deal among cultures. But nearly all recognize the suns ability and power. Life itself would not exist if we didn't have the sun. Without the sun, just as it is with water, the earth would be a wasteland and a lifeless planet among our solar system.
Sun tattoo meanings therefore could symbolize power, comprise of hope, peace, and signified a sense of well being. Sun tattoos could symbolize our own personal views and opinions such as looking forward to more brighter and happier days ahead