Tattoo Arm Designs

Arms are the most frequently tattooed part of the body. This common practice and choice has its roots both in Eastern and Western traditions and makes sense when you consider that our arms are very visible parts of our body and naturally lend themselves to being viewed in most situations.

Most frequently, we see that tattoo arm designs fall into two major categories, Japanese and American Traditional. These will frequently be naval or sailing tattoos, kitch Americana such as pin-up girls from the 40's and 50's style, flags, etc.. They are generally executed within a few basic styles, including different locations on the arm, different sizes, shapes and of course designs.

One popular style becoming more common as tattooing increases in popularity is the SLEEVE TATTOO. These can be a full sleeve which will cover the entire arm, a half sleeve which starts at the shoulder and extends to the forearm, and the quarter sleeve, or quarter arm tattoo which generally goes from the wrist to about the middle of the forearm.

The idea is that the tattoo is dense enough so that no bare skin is evident and the appearance is as if you were wearing an article. You can even find some tattoo 'sleeves" to actually wear that way on e-Bay though I don't recall seeing anyone wearing one myself J.

Another popular pattern for the sleeve is floral, and as you expect generally women will favor this approach. But that isn't written in stone by any means and with the right design a floral pattern will work excellently with men as well.

Your choice is your own, of course, but taking into consideration your build type in general and the size of your arms in relation to the rest of your body is something that would be wise to consider before applying the ink.