Tattoo on japanese girl's back

This picture is from a fellow flickr user, boost_samurai.

In my eyes it is very beautiful art piece. It combines one of most aesthetic part of woman and adding more value through this intense body art.

There is a long history of Tattoos in Japan, which remarkably evolved very artistic.

This one combines Kanji Characters with Figures from japanese Mythology.

However, nowadays many people with tattoos are affiliated with yakuzas, organized crime groups. In many public japanese bathrooms people with tattoos are unwelcome because of this affiliation.

There was in June 2006 a tattoo convention in Tokyo, which was called "Love and Tattoo Daikanyama". A 25-year-old Chiba woman, attending the "Love and Tattoo" exhibition in Daikanyama said "When you get a tattoo, something you can treasure the rest of your life is added to your body. There's a feeling of joy to be had from that."

For Ladies who are interested in tattos but feel uncomfortable about male artist can go to all female tattoo artists studios, where it can be found around Tokyo; the famous ones are Maika and Horinami according to this fellow.