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cover up tattoo Are Cover Up Tattoos Effective?

When many people get their first tattoo, they don’t realize how permanent of an act this is. A tattoo will remain on the skin permanently through the entire life, and can often be difficult to remove. Since the tattoo is difficult to remove, there are often ways that people seek to cover the entire tattoo with another piece of art that can be created on the body. When these mistakes are made and years later people realize that they would rather not want the tattoo on the body, removal is often not the best option and therefore choosing to cover up the tattoo becomes a more viable option that can have successful results.

How should you choose an artist to complete the cover up tattoo? While making the decision about which tattoo artist to work with to complete the work on the cover up tattoo, it is important that this tattoo artist understand the complexity that is required through the work to cover up the existing piece.

The tattoo that is covering the existing tattoo must often be larger as well as darker to ensure that there will be adequate space to cover the tattoo. For this reason, the tattoo must be smaller – which makes it easier to cover. There are a variety of designs which can be used within the cover up tattoo to create a new piece of art. As an added bonus, the cover up tattoo can be given new life with updated colors, designs and even a completely different tattoo!

There are some tattoos which can be impossible to cover up. Most often, the people that have these types of tattoos have no choice but to resort to cosmetic surgery to remove the tattoo ink from the surface of the skin, which can result in scarring.