Tattoos - Get Crazy

Have you heard about emo tattoos, if not you will be surprised to know that there are thousands of people having emo tattoos on their body, which specially include teenagers.Actually emo tradition is closely linked to punk rock movement in U.S. Fans of emo culture are crazy abouttattoos , body piercing etc. They feel it as a most important part of fashion. Emo girls and Emo boys are considered to be really hot. No matter whether a tattoo is a true emo tattoo they always look pretty cool.

Vampire tattoos have become quite popular now days and people look out for designs of darker elements just to make their tattoos more trendy and different from others. Vampire lovers are actually not bothered about pain and blood. Whatever you want to be a Dracula, an Elvira or anybody, better you go to a expert tattooist for your safety.


Girls like to have tattoos related to love, it may be heart shape, the word love etc. Emo boys prefer more tattoos than emo girls. Though it is painful having tattooed when it is drilled on your body but no matter every one wants to be trendy and tattoo is in now.