Tattoos, the most ancient art in the world

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If you think that getting a tattoo is a recent fashion, you are totally wrong. The tattoo art is as ancient as the human race. So much so, that even a mummy of the Neolithic period was found with 57 tattoos on his back. Surprised? Polynesia is the region which has the oldest tattoo tradition of the world and it was the first where, like today, tattoos were used as body ornamentation.

tattoed girl

Throughout the centuries, different cultures have used tattoos in different ways: some have categorized it as art (Japan), some as a way of social stigma (ancient Greece and Rome), others as a symbol of maturity (North America) and even there were some cultures that have attributed supernatural powers to them (Egypt). But today tattoos have no other function than to adorn the body. The techniques have been refined to the point of turning it into an art-form. The tattoo artists are the masters of painting that draw the more outlandish and varied designs on the skin. The whole world has given itself up to the tattoo boom.

In recent years, tattoos have been progressively incorporated into the society and today they have settled down among all social sectors. Increasingly there are more tattooed bodies around the globe. So it is not surprising that important tattoo conventions are celebrated throughout the world. One of the most famous conventions is the “Berlin Tattoo Convention“, which has been celebrated in the German capital since 1991. There, the best artists in the world show off their talent. In fact, Berlin is considered one of the tattoo cradles of the old continent.

To many people tattoos represent a form of expression and a way of life; to another they simply represent a way of worshipping the body. There are tattoos that identify urban tribes, or musical tastes. “Tattoos show off our own style, tell people that we belong to a code and shows the integration of a group” say anthropologists.

Today, there are strong regulations to which the tattoo studios must adhere: single-use instruments (syringes and needles) unsealed in the presence of the user and perfectly sterilized; obligatory vaccination of staff against hepatitis B, tetanus and diphtheria and the workers will have to certify the completion of a training course on hygiene and health of 30 hours amongst other things.

Either way, it seems that the art of tattooing has come a long way. Do you want to learn more about the world of tattoos? Travel to the German capital to discover the most amazing tattoo artwork and rent Apartments in Berlin to enjoy a pleasant stay.