Heart, Butterfly and Star Tattoos - Small and Cute Feminine Tattoo For Girls

Butterfly and Star Tattoos

Butterfly and Star TattoosHeart, Butterfly and Star Tattoos - Small and Cute Feminine Tattoo For Girls

Heart, butterfly and star tattoos are great designs to start with if you are a girl, a tattoo newbie or both. For one, tattoos are permanent so a simple way to test whether you can live with it or not is to begin with these cute and small ink styles that are beautiful and attractive as well.

Small tattoos like heart, butterfly and stars are usually found inked on the wrist, foot, lower back, ankle, back of neck or ear. Considering the fact that they are tattooed on a smaller scale, a cleaner and simpler look typically works best as it will leave enough space for everything to be seen clearly. Intricate look and lots of details might not be appropriate for small tattoos like these.

Heart, butterfly and star tattoos look wonderful and are universally cool symbols. They can be very feminine both in their appearance and the symbolical meaning attached to them. The heart is a symbol of the females that is often used as an expression of romantic love. Butterfly represents change or transformation and rebirth while star is considered a symbol of truth, of the spirit and of hope.

Another favorable thing about small tattoos with miniature designs is the fact that they are inexpensive to get done. Just remember to go to a reputable tattoo studio to make sure that you will go through the proper tattooing process. There are lots of risks involved such as infections so make sure you do your research of a good tattoo artist before you decide on getting one.

Butterfly and Star Tattoos